BIG Week!

The BIG week is upon us! Picture days, Virtual Open House, and Halloween costumes.  Picture days: Cohort A is Monday, Cohort B is Thursday. Remote students are invited in through the music room door from 12:00-12:30 (A through J on Monday/ K through Z on Thursday). This is to limit movement through the buildingOpen House: You should have received a Zoom link for Thursday's Open House sessions from your students' teachers. There will be two identical sessions to accommodate parents with multiple children. The first session will be at 6:00 and the second at 6:45. A reminder that this is a general overview of the class or grade level. This is not the time for specific questions about your child. Please leave those questions for parent-teacher conferences on November 5th.  Halloween!: Given the limited opportunities for kids this year to wear costumes. We are allowing students to wear their costumes to school on their second cohort day (Tuesday/Friday). Cloth masks are still requir…

A Village

I was suddenly struck this week that we've been back in the building for a month now. We might just be getting into the routine. That is not to say it is easy though. There is nothing easy about teaching and learning in a pandemic. I know teachers are striving to do their best, I see it every day. I know parents and families are striving to support their students, I read emails and talk to them every day. Truthfully, it's hard being a principal in this setting. Leading through a pandemic was not a course in principal school. Remember, we're all doing the best we can. YOU are doing the best you can. It is enough. We will get through this together and the kids will be okay. I've always believed it takes a village. Never has it been more evident than now. They are fortunate to have such a wonderful village! Speaking of the village....the BEF is at it again. For those of you who don't know them, they are a group of Boylston parents that raise money to support the schoo…

Long weekend!

As we head into the long weekend I want to make sure everyone is aware of what this means for us as a school. First and foremost, the Norwegian heritage in me feels the need to remind everyone the Leif landed first. Of course, I married an Italian American so I won't be saying that at home. But on a more serious note, many people may be planning trips over the extended weekend and I wanted to remind everyone of the governor's orders around out of state travel. I've included it here. If you plan on traveling outside of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, DC, and New York you should plan accordingly. Also, at some point in the planning, it was communicated that days missed due to holidays would be made up on Wednesdays. A few weeks ago, the superintendent shared that this has since changed. When reviewing the total days over the course of the year there was not a large discrepancy between cohorts. It also became evident how difficult it would be to make up multiple d…

And then it was October!

The kids continue to amaze us with their energy, humor and bright smiling eyes! 

For those in the Remote Bridge program, we have been having numerous meetings since the start of school about how to incorporate Specials. I think we have finally figured it out and you should be getting invitations to Google classrooms for Library, Music, Art, and PE. Each week your student(s) will receive an asynchronous activity and assignment for each of these classes. Students will be graded on their work and it will be recorded in their report cards. We're excited to get this off the ground!  As you may know, we have moved into the assessment phase of our reentry plan. Students have begun taking two separate types of assessments, one skills-based and the other standards. The skills-based (Aimsweb) shows us how the students have developed in literacy and mathematics and point us in the direction of where we can support struggling students. The standards component (Freckle and EnVision) shows us whe…

Week 2

Dare I say, "we're settling in"? Much of the day to day routines here in the building are normalizing and wrinkles are being ironed out. The staff is working so hard and the kids are AMAZING! Our hybrid days are still a work in progress. We're moving beyond introduction activities and now focused on the beginning of the year assessments. An area we are really focused on right now is our Remote Bridges specials. We've had a few meetings this week but don't have a resolution...yet. We are commiteed to making this a successful shool year for everyone! It's been a great start with even better days ahead! We were able to add to our team this week. You may have seen Mr. Alter supervising arrival and dismissal by the 4th/5th grade wing this week. He is our newest paraprofessional, spending his time supporting our sub separate program (Bridges) and in the Kindergarten.  While you welcome Mr. Alter, we also celebrate and congratulate Ms. Lubarsky (2nd grade teacher…

Week 1

Wow! What a week! We all made it through the most complicated and strangest first week of school in my lifetime. This was no small feat and could not have been accomplished without the help of everyone. Teachers and support staff have really worked hard. The kids were FANTASTIC! I have been amazed by the patience and flexibility of our parents and caregivers. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the support of our Fire Department, Police Department, and the amazing DPW that made a road appear out of nowhere. Along the way we received donations of cupcakes from T-n-T cupcakes, to keep staff energy up and donations of masks and lanyards for every person in the district from Crest Technologies. It truly takes a village and we are fortunate to have an amazing one. One of my greatest concerns and an area I have seen so much grace from parents is in our new drop off and pick up procedures. Saying our new system is drastically different is an understatement. That being said you have all…

Twas the Friday before school

Frequently Asked Questions: We had a great town hall meeting last night! Lots of questions and hopefully lots of answers. If you missed it, there is a link to the video here. A few questions that have come up since or were asked at the time but I didn't have answers for are below. 
What am I supposed to know about Chromebooks? I know there has been confusion and questions around our plans for technology this year. My apologies for this. As a district, we pivoted to a 1:1 plan (a device for every student) as we saw the demand increase. The plan in a nutshell is - everyone can have a Chromebook. We started deploying them today for those who are fully remote and those in cohort B that expressed the need. Moving forward, students will receive their Chromebook when they come to school. These will be able to be transported home. In some of the lower grades, it may take a bit longer until they are deployed and there will be less need for them to routinely return to school. We will need pa…